mbPointer: PowerPoint slide show remote control

Why buy an expensive remote control for your PowerPoint presentation? This simple and instinctive application can turn your iPhone/iPod touch into a wireless PowerPoint slide show remote control. It allows you to move the cursor/pen by twisting and tilting your iPhone/iPod touch, add and erase annotations, easily navigate through slides and much more...



1. Move cursor/pen by twisting and tilting the iPhone/iPod touch.
2. Add annotations using the pen.
3. Supports most of PowerPoint slide show shortcut keys.
4. Can be used as a wireless mouse for your PC/Mac.
5. Supports middle mouse button click and vertical scrolling.
6. Auto search for receiver's IP address.


1. Computer must be running Windows XP/Vista or Mac OSX 10.5 Intel.
2. Receiver application must be installed and running on your computer.
3. WiFi network. The iPhone/iPod touch and your computer must be on the same local area network.
4. PowerPoint 2003/2007 for Windows or PowerPoint 2008 for Mac OSX.


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